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What is this

This is a small app to play The Chameleon. The Admin needs a copy of the game to be able to upload cards to their "Hand". Other users can join with a game ID or from a link available in the Admin view.


The Admin is able to upload topic cards (png or jpeg) which appear in their hand. They can then deal the first in their "Hand" to the players' "Topic" zone.
The Admin can also generate "Dice Rolls". This consists of 1x"You are the chameleon" card + (players-1)x"Dice roll is...". The dice roll references a square on the topic grid. These can then be dealt to the players' hand.
This is all!

How is is made?

This app is made using Node.js + express + socket.io and hours of Ed Longman's time. You can check out the code on GitHub.